My Recommended PTC's

  • GPT Planet - Affordable & Trusted Site

    GPTPlanet is PTC program which is running on EvolutionScript script and it is owned and managed by the same owner ofScarlet-Clicks. GPTPlanet initially starte

Bitcoin Information

  • What is Bitcoin ?

    Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros – they’re produ

  • Bitcoin worth Investing or not ?

    Opinions differ. Some say is a risky bussines that will colapse, others that are more optimistic say Bitcoin is here to stay and demand will grow pushing its' v

Programs that I'm Member with and trust * GPT Planet & BTC Clicks *

Earning from Internet

The most known way to earn from Internet is by clicking Ads on PTC's. Below are mentioned just the 2 x  programs that I'm member with, one for USD dollars & one for Bitcoins, and so far paying without issues. There are many programs out there that promises fat earnings in a short time. Be careful normally is too good to be true. 


Earning by Clicking Ads in these Legit Ptc's Sites


Earn Up to $0.01 per Personal click /Earn Up to 100% per Ref. click / Min. Payout $1.0 / 2 - 7 days payment processing / Very Good PTC  


Clicking Ads for Bitcoins

 BTC Clicks - 2013 - BITCOIN

This is a risk free good alternative to PTC's where your earnings are in Bitcoins, Stable Paying & Reliable Company. Rated # 1. No need to Invest money,unless you want to upgrade to Premium member, which is worth it, Gains will double for you and Referrals. Just sign up and start clicking Ads & you will get paid. You need to have a Bitcoin Wallet Processor account to receive your earnings. Don't have one, click on the left blue banner Coinbase. Banner 

Entertainment - Star Citizen - The Best Space Sim - Join today:

 Click on the image to register and get 5.000 UEC (United Earth Credits), that can be used in game. NOTE: On the Star Citizen site, click on My RSI, then click on Enlist now, and insert the following reference: STAR-7SY3-ZZL2, this will make sure you get your 5.000 UEC Credits. Enjoy the new World. I'm a Fan & Backer of Star Citizen & I belive in Chris Roberts & I would like to spread the word about this fantastic Universe that is in development.

Video below is a demonstration of a starter ship for Star Citizen.